Trey Gallaher is a visual artist, painter, illustrator and storyteller. He has exhibited paintings in group and solo shows in California, Arizona and New York and produced published illustrations for magazines, newspapers, ad-agencies and comics. Trey has developed visual content for such high-tech corporations like Xerox PARC and Adobe Systems Inc. and has appeared on-air as an artistic adviser for the History Channel television program Decoding the Past. Trey holds a bachelor's degree in graphic design-illustration from San Jose State University in California and a master of fine arts degree in illustration from Syracuse University in New York. As an educator Trey celebrates over eighteen years of collegiate teaching experience working with young designers and storytellers. His passion for teaching and learning is important to him and he continues to be dedicated to the classroom and his students. Currently Trey is an instructor at Cogswell Polytechnical College in the Bay Area teaching in the Entertainment Design program. Trey resides in San Francisco, California with his family where he maintains a studio and freelance practice.

Artist's Statement:
Literary and poetic influences are often a source of inspiration and departure. With an eye on humanity and ear for storytelling, my work explores the connection between our conscious and subconscious mind often revealing our true and sometimes hidden nature. Through the figure and the landscape I combine sensitive line-drawing, vibrant color and textural brushwork to convey an emotional impression of my subjects and a glimpse into the soul.